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Blood is thicker than ink in The Order: 1886 cinematic trailer

by: Randy -
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Ready at Dawn studios released a cinematic trailer for its upcoming third-person action-adventure game, The Order: 1886. The faintly Sean Connery-ish narrator talks about the binding thickness of the Order's bloodlines. While still not saying it outright, there are knights and there is a round table, so it appears we're dealing with an industrialized England's Knights of the Round Table. Knights whose duty remains to bring order to chaos and fight back the ink-black tides of evil.

The latter third of the video turns investigatory, as two members of the Order are stammered by an "indiscriminant slaughter" under the pale yellow light of oil lamps. And then some fell beast twitches and screams somewhere at the edge of the dark. 

The Order: 1886 is due on PlayStation 4 sometime in Q3 2014.

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