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Steamworld Dig heads to PSN

by: Sean Colleli -
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Rusty has apparently broken through into PSN, as Steamworld Dig is arriving on the PS4 and Vita in March. Originally a 3DS eShop title and later ported to Steam, the steampunk-western robot mining adventure plays like a hybrid of Metroid and Spelunky. The game got rave reviews when it originally came out, so if you've been holding out to get it on a Playstation platform, you won't have to wait much longer.

-- Press release -- Gothenburg, Sweden. February 14, 2014

Dear friend-in-games,

We at Image & Form are very proud to officially announce the release of SteamWorld Dig on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Finally! The game will launch on PSN this March at a price of 8,99€ in EU and $9,99 in US. SteamWorld Dig will have support for multiple languages and a cross buy feature, meaning that if you buy the game on either platform you'll automatically get it on the other. Branded as a “platform mining adventure” in a steampunk/Western setting, SteamWorld Dig lets players take the role of Eastwood-esque robot protagonist Rusty in order to save a mining town in need. The plot thickens as he digs deeper into the dark and rich underground.

Thanks to its immersive gameplay, unique mechanics and stunning presentation, praise for SteamWorld Dig has been unanimous. As a result, Game of the Year nominations and awards have rained over the game. This is what leading gaming sites say about SteamWorld Dig:

  • ”Amazing.” (9.5/10, - one of IGN’s highest rated games of 2013)

  • "An utterly phenomenal video game." (10/10,

  • "A totally unexpected love letter to bold concepts." (9/10,

  • "Drop everything else, and get SteamWorld Dig." (10/10, GameZebo)

“We are thrilled to present SteamWorld Dig to the PlayStation community,” beams Image & Form CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson. “This is our first release ever on a stationary console, and a long-standing dream of ours. So many PlayStation gamers have asked us to bring the game to their hardware, and we can’t wait to join the community both on PS4 and Vita. We have a fantastic following on 3DS and Steam, and now we will reach a whole new audience. We are really very excited.”

Please contact us if you’re interested in reviewing SteamWorld Dig.

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Image & Form is a Swedish game developer based in rainy, windy Gothenburg. SteamWorld Dig is the most recent game in the SteamWorld series, and has been both a nominee and winner of numerous Game of the Year awards. Image & Form's biggest success prior to SteamWorld Dig is the acclaimed iOS/Android real-time strategy game Anthill.

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