Best Buy has deal on Xbox Live 12-mo cards and HDMI cable

by: Dan -
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One of my biggest pet peeves is listening to the whiners that complain about how expensive and Xbox Live of PlayStation Plus members hip is at $59.99. Of course they completely ignore the facts that $60/12 Months is only $5 a month. Of course, that is full retail, and anyone that pays full retail for either service simply isn’t paying attention or shopping smart. So this week, Best Buy is making your Microsoft Xbox Live 12-Month membership just a bit cheaper. You can find the deal here, but a 12-Month Xbox Live membership is only $39.99 this week, saving $20 off retail. That breaks down to only $3.34 per month and is an incredible steal. So head

Also, Best Buy has been running a sweetheart deal for a really good Rocketfish HDMI cable during their deal of the days this week. This is the second time I have seen it, but it is basically an 8-foot Rocketfish HDMI cable, supporting speeds up to 16 Gbps, 24k gold plated tips, with 3D and 4K capabilities. The cable is color branded for the Wii U scheme (blue and grey), but works just fine with any console on the market today. Best thing, it is only $9.99, which for retail is a great bargain. This deal will only be good today though, but they may be trying to dump them seeing as how the Wii U sales have been abysmal and not many people are color matching their cables with the sparse population of Wii Us in the wild.

One other non-gaming item, Best Buy is also selling the Chromecast this week for $29.99, which is $5.01 off retail. I have enjoyed the one I have, although there is a limited selection of apps that support it so far. However, Google released the SDK for it last week, so expect the number of apps that will support Chromecast streaming to explode in the near future.

All shipping is free for orders over $24.99.