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The makers of Titanfall asked Microsoft to tweak the Xbox One controller

by: John -
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When you have a developer of a very high profile and highly anticipated exclusive IP asking you to adjust something on your console, chances are you'll listen and most likely implemented it as long as it's for the better. That seems to be what happened as Respawn Entertainment asked Microsoft to increase the precision on the analog sticks for the controller and Microsoft has complied, The Verge is reporting.

The February update will increase the sensitivity of the outer boundaries on the analog sticks, which should make for less twitchy aiming. Once the update is installed and a controller is synced, it should patch it up automatically and you'll be ready for Titanfall

It is good to see Microsoft responding to them to try and make the experience better. As long as it translates to better gaming on other titles as well, I'm all for the change.