Battlefield 4: Second Assault rumored for February 18

by: John -
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The second DLC for Battlefield 4, Second Assault, is rumored to be released on February 18th for Premium users. This comes from a screenshot on reddit of a German Origin installation with an image of the DLC and a release date when you hover over it.

Second Assault features four maps from Battlefield 3: Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm, reimagined for Battlefield 4. There are also new weapons, Capture the Flag, a Dune Buggy, and other features coming in the DLC.

DICE has said they are focused on fixing issues with Battlefield 4 over working on the DLC. There's still a good many issues though, so if this is true that Second Assault arrives next week, they felt comfortable with where they are at. 

I'd still like to see the hit boxes get fixed as there are still too many times I've died running into cover to see me keel over dead well past wall that I just ran by.