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Valentine's Day Massacre coming to GTA Online this Friday.

by: Nathan -
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GTA Online will be celebrating Valentine's Day in style as the Valentine's Day Massacre Special will kick off for a limited time this Friday. The special will include a new weapon, new vehicle, new clothing and 10 new jobs. 

  • New Weapon - Gusenberg Sweeper. Paint the town red with the Tommy Gun inspired Gusenberg Sweeper. The gun can be accessed from any Ammu-Nation location in GTA Online. In Story Mode the gun will automatically be deposited in your inventory. 
  • New Vehicle - Albany Roosevelt. Paint the town red with a classically-inspired Albany Roosevelt. The car is perfect for gangsters and their crew. The car can be accessed from any garage property in Story Mode and can be bought in GTA Online from legendarymotorsport.net. 
  • New Attire - A set of double breasted suits, 1920's flapper dresses, sexy undergarments and a new selection of masquerade masks. There are also a number of novelty t-shirts, hats and more throughout Los Santos. 
  • 10 New Jobs - GTA Online will get 10 new jobs including deathmatches, parachute jumps, land, sea and cycling races. 

All of the content from the Valentine's Day Massacre Special will be available for a limited time, but once you acquire the content you can keep them in your inventory for good. 

Rockstar also says that GTA Online will continue to grow in the coming year as a "Dangerous Business Pack", online heists and expansions to the creation tools will be available at some point.