Meet Wildstar's bipolar A.I. construct, the Caretaker

by: Randy -
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Massively multiplayer online Wildstar is jam packed with more personality than you see in your average MMO. This video is the proof in its science-fantasy pudding. Allow me to introduce the Caretaker. He knocks around more attitude in his hood than Cortana, EDI, and Claptrap combined. Well, maybe not as much as Claptrap, but now you get an idea of the caliber of writing and voice acting we're talking about. The Caretaker has a glitch in his A.I. that bipolarizes his circuitry a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing what role he plays – both benevolent and malignant – in the players' lives.

After a few months' delay, Wildstar is looking at a Q1/Q2 2014 launch on PC, though you can join the beta today.