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Xbox One headset options include a new headset and a headset adapter

by: John -
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Microsoft has finally announced a way to use your old headset with the Xbox One as well as putting a stereo headset out of their own.

First up, there's the Xbox One Stereo Headset that has a removable mic and some controls that let you control some volume levels for game, chat, and mute your mic. It's wired and will retail for $79.99 and should provide the basic needs for private stereo gaming.

Now, if you have a headset of your own, Microsoft will be putting out a Stereo Headset Adapter. The adapter will let you plug in any mic with a 3.5mm plug. $24.99 will let you use the headset of your choosing. 

Both options are due out in March.

Personally, I wish Microsoft would have just built in a standard 3.5mm jack like the PlayStation 4 controller and keep it simple, but that's just me.