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Microsoft outlines details of next two Xbox One patches

by: Chuck -
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As much as I like my Xbox One, I will admit the system has a lot of rough edges.  Microsoft is aware of these issues and has released details on two upcoming patches that will start to address those issues. 

The first patch will be released on February 11th and will add battery indicators to the dashboard (see picture below from Major Nelson), the ability to use a USB keyboard, and the ability to see and manage the storage on your Xbox One.  I'm still not sure how the system launched without these basic abilities but at least it didn't take Microsoft too long to get them fixed.

The second patch will be available on March 4th and will include updates to the Xbox One's party and multiplayer abilities as well as other new "features and improvements".  This makes sense as Titanfall launches a week later and the current party system is way behind what was available on the Xbox 360.