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Former 1UP Show guys filming video game documentary Outerlands

by: Randy -
More On: Splatterhouse

This is a documentary short put together by the phenomenal Area 5, the guys that used to make 1UP.com worth visiting because of The 1UP Show. (How's 1UP doing nowadays? I never went back after the 1UPocalypse layoffs of 2008.) (How is it even possible that was over five years ago?) (I hate you, Time!)

In this video, Area 5 walks through Frank Cifaldi's video game magazine collection in San Francisco. His cat purringly co-stars. Cifaldi goes beyond mere collector, however. He's more of an archivist and museum curator, a librarian for video game media that's years into its own extinction timetable. Cifaldi keeps a level sense of humor about '80s and '90s game magazines, chuckling at the horrible sweaters, reveling in then-innovative features like "pause" and "two-player," and inviting Macaulay Culkin over for a game of Splatterhouse on the Turbo Graffx.

Area 5 fired up a Kickstarter to extend this into a six-part documentary series called OuterlandsIf it was anybody besides Area 5, I'd say good luck! But these guys have gotten very good at budgeting out projects, and have always been among my favorite filmographers in the business.