February will be Battlefield 4 player appreciation month

by: Chuck -
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The folks at EA/DICE are really sorry about the constant stream of bugs people are finding in Battlefield 4 and they want to thank the people who have put up with it but having a special fan event.  Dubbed "Player Appreciation Month" the event will be a series of giveaways, double XP events, and shortcut bundles.  Here are the details:

  • Battlepack a day - every day you log into the game you will receive a free silver or bronze battlepack (these are grab bags of weapon attachments, XP bonuses, and other in game items).  
  • Double XP Weekend for regular members and a special one for premium members
  • Community Missions - global events where players try to complete in game tasks for rewards
  • Developer talks - get some info on what's going on behind the scenes and how the dev team is working to improve the game.
  • Shortcut bundles - everyone will get the handgun and grenade trees unlocked and premium members will get the shotgun and DMR trees.  This is a pretty nice benefit unless you've already logged a ton of hours to unlock them already, then not so much.

I'm interest to see how these items impact the in-game economy of the games as all of a sudden you're going to see an influx of unlocked weapons and players powering their way to higher levels in the game.  Hopefully EA works out the last of the kinks and this is the last time they have to have an event like this.