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PS3 Blu-Ray movies/games being ripped, disaster on the horizon?

by: Dan -
More bad news for Sony and it beleaguered PS3. On the market for less than four weeks, an article on IGN talks about how the release of Terra Soft Solutions' Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 has allowed hackers to turn the PS3 into a personal computer. By using segmented parts of the hard drive, hackers are ripping Blu-Ray Disc movies and games to the drive. It should be noted that they haven't been able to play a movie or game that has been ripped, but it is only a matter of time. Again, it looks like Sony left their fly unzipped with the openness of the system. You would have thought they would have learned their lesson after the PSP was cracked, but i guess not.

Interesting enough, if a permanent solution isn't found quickly, all the efforts Sony has put into forcing the Blu-Ray onto the PS3 could ultimately cost it support for Blu-Ray from the major studios and be a format killer. No company wants to see their product pirated so easily. Once its on the Hard Drive, its only a matter of time before it is on the Net.

In addition, PS3 owners can now expect to be getting constant firmware updates to try to keep up with the hackers. All systems get hacked, but Sony may have set a new land-speed record at 19 days.