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News Roundup: Jump! Raving Rabbids

by: Randy -
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  • "Gothic 3 is one of the best games that you should [never] play."  Go see what the heck Atomic Gamer is getting at.
  • Killer Betties get the jump on reviewing Jump! Ultimate Stars for the DS, a fighting game based on the weekly Shonen Jump comic.
  • And the Aliterate Game Title award goes to ... Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Wii!
  • Auto Assault is still truckin' along: Matt Shaffer has a dev diary updating us on skill system changes.
  • The always-jaded Dan Fortier gnaws down on "The GAME" in his MMOWTF column.
  • Field Ops (PC), HOT PXL (PSP), and Warhammer Online concept art (PC).
Thanks go to Atomic Gamer, Killer Betties, and MMORPG.com for keeping today's News Roundup in bite-size form.