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Payday 2 will now allow you to become infamous

by: Nathan -
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Payday 2 is getting a free update for all players and will allow you to become infamous. What is infamy? Infamy is a prestige system that allows you to reset your level once you have reached level 100 and have $200,000,000 in your offshore account. Going into Infamy mode allows you to earn Infamy points. These points can be used to unlock Infamy tiers. As long as those tiers are open, you can purchase any of the items there. These items are incredibly rare and can only be unlocked in Infamy mode. 

There is a price to becoming infamous.

When you go into Infamy mode, you will lose...

  • All your level progress.
  • All your skill points, spent or unspent. 
  • $200,000,000 from your offshore account and all of your spendable cash. 

You get to keep all of your guns, mods, masks, patterns, and materials. You won't be able to use the guns until you reach the level to unlock them again. You will also keep the extra money left over in your offshore account after the $200,000,000 fee is paid for. 

You will gain...

  • One level of Infamy.
  • One Infamy point to spend in the Infamy tree. 
  • An Infamy Card displaying your level.

When Infamy mode is released, the first tier and unlock point will be available. Other levels will be available at a later date. 

More information on Infamy can be found on their newly launched website.

So what are you waiting for? Those banks aren't going to rob themselves. 


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