Direct stream gameplay of Titanfall alpha

by: John -
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Titanfall is Microsoft's premier title of 2014. They're really pushing this to be their next big franchise and with good reason. They probably paid a lot of money to Respawn Entertainment to make this an Xbox One/PC exclusive. 

Recently, the alpha test started for the game and below you can see some of the action from it. The action seems very smooth with very nice Parkour movement around the environment.

The Titans look massive and fun to play. They pack a lot of firepower, but infantry units can take them down so they aren't going to overpower those that aren't using Titans. I like how you can either pilot them or have the computer do so providing support. 

Oh, an the assassination. The sound and satisfaction of breaking someone's neck is certainly makes this method of taking out the enemy incredibly fun looking.

Titanfall is set to hit the Xbox One and PC on March 11 of this year.

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