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Don't delay! Play SMITE Today!

by: Nathan -
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Hi Rez studios, makers of the third person MOBA SMITE, are known for their goofy sense of humor and they just released one of the greatest videogame commercials I've ever seen. 

Set to the style of a cheesy, as seen on TV infomercial, Hi Rez shows us what you can expect if you pick up SMITE including WASD movement, 3D graphics and aimed skill shots.  The game also includes all of your favorite gods including Thor, Zeus, Hun Batz and Hercules! 

Order today and you can get SMITE at the discounted price of FREE, down from the original 599 US Dollars price tag. 

Today would actually be a good time to start playing SMITE as a new god and a new game mode are going to be added in the latest patch. 

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