OlliOlli skates its way onto the Vita on January 21st

by: Nathan -
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The skateboarding genre of videogames has been dead for quite some time after the demise of both the Tony Hawk series and EA's Skate series but an indie game team is bringing it back exclusively on the PS Vita. 

OlliOlli is a crazy 2D, side scrolling, skateboarding game where it looks like you will be going downhill the entire level and you will need precise timing to make it through all of the stages. Of course you can also pull off tons of flashy skateboarding tricks while you risk your life making your way through each level as well. Be careful as one mistake looks like it could send you violently crashing to the ground. 

Roll7Games, developers of OllieOllie give us the rundown on what we can expect when the game is released exclusively on the Vita, January 21st. 

  • Career Mode - 50 deviously handcrafted levels split between Amateur and Pro. The further you progress, the more accuracy and timing you'll need to reach the adoring crowd at the end of each run. Each level has five challenges, including Combo and Score attacks, and is linked to its own global leaderboard. Think you can get that number one spot? Better get practicing.
  • Spots Modeevery time you get to the end of a level you unlock the corresponding spot. Spots are also individually linked to their own online leaderboards, the difference being they require you to perform one stupendously large combo to reach the end! It's going to be a case of working out the best possible combination of tricks and grinds that you can fit into the spot's limited obstacles in order to get the best score. Sam, our lead QA, got 157k on Spot 1. See if you can beat that!
  • Daily Grindthis mode really heightens the competition, along with a massive risk. Each day, everyone in the world gets the same spot to pull an amazing combo on. You can practice that spot as many times as you like, but you only get ONE GO to set your score. Slam on your face, or mess up the landing, and there are no second chances! So you better make sure you're fully focused before playing it for real.
  • RAD Mode -RAD mode alludes to the initial concept demo, and only allows Perfect Landings and Perfect Grinds. Basically when we first made OlliOlli, this was how it played (it's really punishing). We had to tone things down a little to make the game more approachable, but for the hardcore pixel skaters out there, this is the ultimate challenge. We're not sayin how RAD mode is unlocked, but let's just say you're going to have to prove you know what you're doing!

No price has been announced yet but Roll7 says we will find out on launch day. Check out the official trailer below!