New Battlefield 4 patch today aims at stability

by: John -
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A new Battlefield 4 patch is hitting the servers today to try and fix some issues. I've actually run into one the past few weeks that I hope is fixed today. Using the shotgun a lot the past few weeks, I would find myself dying and seeing 100% health on the person that killed me. Now, I know for a fact that I hit the person a few times and my replays via Twitch even shows it so. Evidently, this is a bug that should be squashed today and let's hope so because this was a cause of unnecessary frustration. 

Another bug looking to get fixed today is a memory leak when playing for a long time. Now, I haven't crashed from must playing the game in a while, but there was a memory leak that happens when a level gets shut down. This should help with those on machines with lower memory capacity.

Some of the gameplay fixes include a normalization of repair times on all vehicles and the stealth jet cannons get a 25% increase in damage dealt. Overall, there are some good things being addressed here as DICE continues to try and make this game as best as possible.