CES 2014: Feenix Collection hands on impressions

by: Sean Cahill -
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Our continuing coverage of the International CES 2014 takes us to Feenix Collection (www.feenixcollection.com) and the accessories that they are bringing to the table.  Available for our impressions was the entire collection, though we already have the Nascita and Dimore mouse and mousepad in our possession.  Due to this, we will focus on the other two products in the collection:  The Autore fully mechanical keyboard and the Aria acoustic headset.

The Autore was just released to the public this past Monday for the retail cost of $163 USD.  The fully mechanical keyboard's design was an inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey's Black Monolith.  The keyboard is simple and elegant, featuring mechanical switches and a durable aluminum coating for protection.  While we have already covered the standard specifications on it earlier today, the feel and use of the keyboard is what truly matters.  The keys have a great response and feel and, while the keys themselves do not have a backlight, there is no trouble noticing the letters or symbols even with the cherry color.  Are they hard to see from a distance?  Certainly, but not when using the keyboard and a user is looking down upon the keyboard itself.  Bottom line is that the Autore is a great fully mechanical keyboard that is sleek, elegant, and durable.

The last product available for viewing was our first look at the Aria acoustic headset.  I'll preface my hands on impressions with this information:  This is not your average gaming headset and, honestly, it isn't just a gaming headset.  The Aria is a gorgeous headset that is designed to be enjoyed in many forms.  The design is meant to be an attention grabber.  While most headsets in today's industry want to have bright colors that jump out at you but leave something to be desired with sound quality, the Aria's elegant look with wood finished earpieces grab the attention in a far different manner. Inside of the earpieces are individual drivers to create a unique and fully immersive audio experience.  Listening to an audio clip revealed not only sharper and cleaner sound, but it was easy to pinpoint where it was coming from for surround effect.  If that isn't enough to get your attention, I will say that this headset is among the most comfortable I've ever worn.  The memory foam that is used is a far cry from headsets in the past that may sound good, but forces a user to take them off for a break from time to time.  In short, the Aria hits the trifecta:  Quality, Durability, and Comfort.  The Aria is set for a release sometime towards the end of Q1 with retail cost still undetermined.  Also, please note that the pictures of the Aria headset may be subject to change as the design is not fully completed yet.

We would like to thank the great staff at Feenix for making us a part of their International CES schedule!