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CES 2014: PS4 1 (point two million) ups XBO

by: Nathaniel -
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Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that their entertainment monolith - the alpha and omega of home entertainment devices - sold some number of consoles north of 3 million.

Not to be outdone, Sony has sold 4.2 million sleek black entertainment parallelograms as of December 28.  According to Ign, Sony revealed this fact today during a keynote speech at CES.

Now I don't own a PS4.  I don't own an Xbox One, either.  So I can't tell you which one is better or whether the PS4 deserves to sell more consoles than their bitter, bitter rivals.

What I can tell you is that I HATE the commercials associated with each console.  I hate them with a burning passion normally associated with Investigation Discovery or maybe True Stories of the ER.  I hate the fake plastic families in the Xbox One commercials and I hate the generic game and gamer archetypes on display in the PS4 commercials.  It may be hell-frozen-over cold outside, but even that level of angry Earth atrocity committed against its own desperate inhabitants is not enough to cool the flame that ignites in my belly whenever one of those commercials interrupts Suits.  Nothing gets between me and Suits and lives for very long.