CES 2014: Day One: Pepcom Digital Experience

by: Sean Cahill -
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The International CES 2014 is officially underway here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  While there was information coming out today on various fronts of the industry, we here at Gaming Nexus focused our attention at Pepcom's Digital Experience at the Mirage Hotel and Casino.  The event is an unofficial opening event for the show after all of the press conferences, and while there are many companies at the event, we focused out attention on a few companies in particular.

Our first stop at the event was with Gameloft to see the upcoming release of Brothers in Arms 3 for iOS and Android.  The free to play action title, which is slated for sometime in Q1 2014, looks like one of the sharpest and cleanest games graphically available for mobile devices, whether it's on a tablet or smartphone.  While we only tried out the game for a couple of minutes, the premise to the title is evident:  Action is dictated by rapid tapping for shooting various weapons or by utilizing zoom features if using a more precise weapon.  There are plenty of missions (over 75 at first glance) to play and will eat up plenty of time with its gameplay.  We look forward to seeing the full release of this title in the very near future.

Next up was a stop with Airdrop Gaming to see the Hip Shot Dot, which is a suction cup attachment that sticks straight to a TV screen.  A quick calibration is required to ensure that the dot is properly placed and helps with accuracy in FPS games, whether it be Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo.  We have acquired a unit for a further review here at the show, and that will be available at a later time here on Gaming Nexus.

After roaming the floor for a little longer, a stop by the Western Digital booth gave us access to the dual-booting Black Squared hard drive, which is a combination of a 120 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD, utilizing the same SATA connection.  It is the size of a regular SSD and as quiet as can be.  We look forward to getting some review time with this slick storage solution soon.

That's it for the first day at the 2014 International CES!  More information is sure to follow!