CES 2014: Philips announces a GSYNC 27" monitor

by: John -
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GSYNC is something I'm going to check out in person tomorrow at NVIDIA's booth. It should eliminate any tearing or jitter, but the monitor has to have a GSYNC chip and your computer has to have a compatible NVIDIA card in order to use this option.

Philips is going to be offering a monitor. A 27" monitor to be exact. The 27" Gaming Monitor will be GYSNC capable and offers up a resolution of 1920x1080 and retailing for $649.

Some other specs on the 27" monster are a brightness of 300 cd/m2, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, 16.7M colors, and a display port connector.

The size sounds pretty good, but I would have liked to have a bit better resolution. At 27", 2560x1440 would have been something I would have liked to have seen, but I am guessing it would have raised the price a little too much since this monitor is already coming in at $649.

LAS VEGAS - Jan. 5, 2014 - The Philips 27” Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC debuts today bringing a stunning visual experience and ultra-smooth play to gamers looking for a serious competitive edge. This advanced Philips gaming display (model 272G5DYEB) delivers revolutionary performance through NVIDIA G-SYNC, a new technology that synchronizes display refresh rates to the PC’s GPU, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag. With G-SYNC, images display the moment they are rendered, scenes appear instantly, objects are sharper, and game play is smoother.

The Philips 27” Gaming Monitor with G-SYNC will be showcased at the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas at both Pepcom’s Digital Experience! event and the NVIDIA booth, which is located at LVCC, South Hall 3 - 30207. The display will be available for purchase in spring 2014 for $649 MSRP.

In addition to delivering consistently smooth frame rates and ultrafast response through G-SYNC display technology, the Philips 27” Gaming Monitor offers 144Hz refresh rate with 1ms response time  for fast action, 300cd/cm2  brightness and a 1000:1 typical contrast ratio, and displays up to 16.7M colors. The slim black monitor is both wall mountable and height adjustable.

“This 27-inch Philips monitor is a perfect gaming partner, with G-SYNC technology bringing breakthrough display performance and giving major competitive edge,” said Chris Brown, TPV Global Product Marketing.  “We believe anyone who really cares about their gaming experience is going to want a G-SYNC-enabled display.”