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Pre-order your Conquest of Paradise for Europa Universalis IV

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No grand strategy video game is ever seemingly complete without an empire-building expansion into the Americas. And so it is with Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise. Pre-orders are now available on your platform of choice. It takes smarter people than me to figure out Europa Universalis. Thankfully for you, readers, that's why we have Tom Bitterman on staff to break it on down when it comes to apparently excellent strategy games like EU IV.

EUIV_Conquest of Paradise
Paradise Pre-gained: Pre-orders Available for New World Expansion for Europa Universalis IV

Paradox Reveals New Tricks Behind New World in New Video Developer Diary

STOCKHOLM — January 2, 2014 — Are you ready to explore paradise? Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and famed explorer, today began offering pre-orders for “Conquest of Paradise,” the first expansion to Europa Universalis IV. Created by Paradox Development Studio, the latest addition to the award-winning empire-building franchise is coming to Windows/Mac/Linux on January 14, and can be purchased through leading digital distribution platforms.

View the pre-order trailer here:

Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise allows you to send your ships off to the West to discover a new world, unlike any you’ve seen before, with a completely randomized American continent. The expansion also makes it possible to play as a Native American nation and master the federation mechanics, as well as unique national ideas, buildings and events. You may also take command of a Colonial Nation, declare colonial war, or even strive for liberty from your motherland.

The new video developer diary, showcasing the Colonial States, is available now. Set your sights on the following link:

Read all the written developer diaries here:

Europa Universalis IV is the critically acclaimed strategy game that allows players to tell their own stories, determining the course of international events as they see fit. Whether they’re growing a sprawling nation across the sea to the shores of a new world, or trying to survive an invasion by overseas explorers, Europa Universalis IV offers enough options to satisfy colonialists and imperialists alike.

Strategy fans and ambitious conquerors can purchase Europa Universalis IV now at

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