Blizzard's World of Warcraft survey hints at paid upgrades, annual passes

by: Sam -
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Blizzard sent out a survey to World of Warcraft players apparently trying to gauge interest in the new expansion Warlords of Draenor, but a few of the questions hint that something else might be on their mind. in addition to asking about players intent to buy the new expansion they also ask about whether or not players would be willing to buy annual passes if they included special rewards, like when they gave copies of Diablo 3 to those who bought year passes in the past. They also asked if players would be willing to pay extra for the game if it came with a free level 90 character upgrade, and how much they would pay for that upgrade on its own. 

People have long speculated that World of Warcraft would someday enter the free-to-play market, but this survey seems to prove that wrong and instead raise the question about in game purchases. I know I would prefer some kind of experience booster over an automatic leveling upgrade because I personally enjoy the questing process. I haven't played World of Warcraft for a few years, but I'm interested to see what they plan on using this information for.