Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter launch delayed in the US

by: Russell -
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Nintendo was set to launch two new applications tomorrow for the Pokemon games: the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter.  These Pokemon Bank will allow players to upload up to 3,000 Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y to a cloud service for a yearly fee of 500 yen in Japan (I haven't seen what the fee will be in the US, if there is one), while the Poke Transporter will allow you to take Pokemon from the Black and White games and transfer them into X and Y.

However, due to a recent flood of traffic on the Nintendo Network which is causing issues for players creating Nintendo IDs and browsing the eShops, the two apps have been delayed, and they've even been temporarily pulled off of Japan's eShop.  Nintendo made an announcement on their support page, but I haven't seen a new launch date yet.