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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. GTA Online Christmas themed activities and discounts start today!

by: Nathan -
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Merry Christmas everyone! I know people might be busy later today playing all of the new games they may be getting as gifts, but you may want to check out GTA Online for a bit as well. 

Those who visit Los Santos and the surrounding areas of San Andreas will be greeted with a winter wonderland! Yes, it's snowing in GTA Online right now and this will also provide some very dangerous driving conditions. Buckle up and be safe! 

Players will receive special Christmas themed items which can be worn until January 5th including Santa hats, Elf jackets and shoes, Snowman masks, Reindeer antlers and more.

The Snapmatic phone app also gets an update as some new features have been added including filters, borders, and facial expressions. There are also new additions including depth, field effects, and a meme creator feature.

If you are looking to buy some in game items here is a special holiday discount running through January 5th on select weapons and vehicles.

Sticky bombs, grenades and tear gas are half off.

There is a 30% discount on the super Diamond, Vapid Fugitive, Benefactor Schwartzer and Ubermacht Zion vehicles. 

There is a 25% discount on Tinsel Towers apartments 45 and 29.

Finally, the musical horns on vehicles, green and gold weapon tints, winter hats, berets, Hinterland Boots and Yeti Boots are on sale as well. 

Seasons beatings!