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Rockstars take on Capture the Flag hits GTA Online tomorrow

by: Nathan -
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GTA Online gets a new game mode tomorrow and will be GTA's twist on the classic Capture the Flag style game mode. Oh, did I forget to mention it's free as well? 

"Capture" will bring 20 new jobs to Los Santos. The jobs can be accessed through Freemode and will be spread across four different game modes. Capture will be available tomorrow as part of a free automatic update which will also bring contain some fixes as well. 

Raid - Fight your way to your opponents base, steal a package, then deliver it back to your base to score points. Reach the target score or deliver more packages than your opponents in the time given to win. 

Hold - Teams must collect and store as many packages as possible in their base. The packages can be found around the map or stolen from the opponents base. Reach the target score or hold the most packages when the time run out to win. 

GTA - Steal target vehicles located all around the map and bring them back to their respective bases. Steal more vehicles than your opponents to win. 

Contend - There is only one package located in the middle of the map. Teams must fight to bring the package back to their base. Once the package is captured, it respawns in the middle of the map and is up for grabs again.