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The Clan invasion has been scheduled for MechWarrior Online, includes $500 gold mechs

by: Chuck -
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Mechwarrior Online fans can rejoice as Pirahna games has announced that Clan mechs will finally be making their appearance in the game in 2014.  The first batch of clan mechs will include the following mechs:

  • Warhawk
  • Timberwolf
  • Stormcrow
  • Adder
  • Dire Wolf
  • Summoner
  • Nova
  • Kit Fox

If you're a fan of the lore then you know the Clan technology is a bit more powerful than the stuff already available in the game.  Well, the folks at Pirahna are already working that in and have posted some details about how the new technology will be dialed back so that you're existing robots aren't rendered obsolete by the new goodies.

The mechs are now available for pre-order with delivery of the mechs into your account around June 17th.  There are bundles for all kinds of budgets with a low end of $30 running all of the way up to $240 for all of the new mechs and a ton of other in game goodies.

Of course if you've had a really good year you can elect to buy the Gold version of some of these mechs for $500 a piece.  That's right, $500 for a piece of in game content.  This is the part where I'd say no one will buy these but I've played the game enough to no that I'll see a few of these roaming the battlefield the first day they are available. 

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