New update to Battlefield 4 stops kill trading

by: John -
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While playing the past few weeks on Battlefield 4 I ran into a lot of times where I had a kill trade. What would happen is I'd run into an enemy, we'd trade gunfire, and we'd both fall down dead. Usually, I'll see they had 1 hit point left when he killed me. It happened a lot more than I thought it would and now I know it's the result of the netcode.

DICE has released a new patch today to take care of that issue. We shouldn't see this happening anymore, but I guess we'll find out in the next few days and to see if anyone's complaining about it. Also, you are now forced to have NVIDIA drivers version 331.82 if you are sporting a video card from team green. There are a few other issues fixed as DICE continues to work towards a lot better gaming experience in Battlefield 4.