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The Horse Archer returns in Stronghold Crusader 2

by: Sean Colleli -
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Firefly Studios has just added the Arabic Horse Archer to Stronghold Crusader 2, and they're celebrating with a speed painting of the class. The horse archer was one of the most powerful and versatile units in the original Stronghold Crusader, with the ability to fire arrows in any direction, even backwards. The sequel is on track for a Spring 2014 release, and no doubt we'll be seeing more unit reveals in the months leading up to launch.

New Speed Painting & Unit Abilities Revealed for Stronghold Crusader 2

London, UK– 12th December 2013 – Stronghold Crusader 2, long-awaited sequel to the original castle sim, has just revealed the return of the Arabic Horse Archer in the form of a new speed painting.

One of the most powerful units from the original Stronghold Crusader, the nimble Horse Archer makes his return in Crusader 2. With his special ability to fire arrows backwards, sideways or any other angle while moving, it's easy to understand why the Horse Archer became a fan favourite when the original game was released in 2002. Combine this with his high speed and it is easy for the Arabic Horse Archer to gain the advantage in battle.

The Horse Archer’s special ability will be one of many featured in Stronghold Crusader 2 at launch, with more the half of the game’s units having a unique attack, stance or ability. The mighty Sassanid Knight can for example counter the Horse Archer’s speed with his charge ability, closing the gap to take him down. The Sassanid Knight can in turn be taken out by the Pikeman, who is able to dig in and enter a defensive stance with bonus damage against charging units. This interplay between the different specialised troop types will form a key part of Crusader 2 gameplay, setting it apart from its predecessor without breaking the mould that fans know and love.

Scheduled for release in Spring 2014, Stronghold Crusader 2 will be digitally self-published by Firefly Studios. A public beta is also planned to be held in the months leading up to release, with full details to be announced at the start of 2014.

About Firefly Studios

Firefly Studios is an independent PC game developer specialising in real-time strategy and MMO titles. Formed in 1999 by Simon Bradbury and Eric Ouellette, the company has brought to market a number of high profile and commercially successful strategy games, including the Stronghold series with lifetime sales of over five million. Firefly has offices in the UK and US. For more information please visit their website at www.fireflyworlds.com or follow @fireflyworlds on Twitter.