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Now, I'm pissed

by: Nathan -
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I was already upset about all this Youtube copyright nonsense, but now i'm infuriated. I have just learned that the legendary Mark from Classic Game Room, who has over 3,000 fun, informative videogame reviews on his channel has announced he is leaving Youtube. All of his videos and future reviews can now be seen on his official website. 

Now, it's great that he isn't ending the show for good, but the point is that this shouldn't have happened in the first place. Youtube was originally a place where people would go to watch original videos from people who could provide fun content and I feel like all of that is slowly being taken away. It seems like Youtube is becoming more corporate each and every day and the smaller guys who simply want to make fun videos for the community, THE CONCEPT THAT YOUTUBE WAS FOUNDED ON, are getting the short end of the stick. 

If Mark, one of the most famous game reviewers on Youtube is now gone, what about all the other big names that helped Youtube become what it is today? What about Angry Videogame Nerd, Angry Joe, Pew Die Pie, Total MK, Smooth McGroove, the people who upload Let's Play videos? How are any of these guys a threat to any business or company? Because they are making a little money that they deserve to get for creating content for the community to watch? They should be thanking these people. There are many videogames that I have discovered that I would have never of been interested in without these guys. The sad part is that many companies have no idea why these videos are being flagged in the first place. A bunch of videos are getting flagged by their awful automation feature and companies now have to scramble to fix this mess and make sure they aren't in the crosshairs of angry viewers. 

Mark has been such a huge inspiration over the years and is one of the big reasons why I want to do exactly what I am doing right now. Mark is one of the most passionate game reviewers that I know on the internet right now. Regardless of how much money he is making on Youtube, I know that he does this because he loves it. He loves videogames and has reviews on his site for game for just about every videogame console that ever existed. If something were to ever happen to me and I were to die, I would want every videogame that I own to be donated to the Intergalactic Space Arcade because I know Mark would give those games a great home where they will be played and preserved for years to come.

Hopefully, all of this nonsense will be sorted out soon and we can put all this past us. I do know that if Youtube doesn't do something soon, you are slowly going to see all those partners slowly start to leave and then Youtube will have a big problem on their hands. Without those partners, what do you have left? Might as well be another Hulu or Netflix, but we already have those. 


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