Titanfall running on ..well..Titans

by: John -
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NVIDIA recently did something really nice for Respawn Entertainment, makers of the upcoming Titanfall game. They paid a visit to their studios and handed out, to everyone, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan and a NVIDIA Shield. We're talking a good $1300 worth of gaming hardware here for each member of the Respawn team.

In the video, you can see the packages being delivered in a humvee with the cards and Android handhelds in wooden boxes. Something mentioned in the video that shows you how powerful the Titans can be, the team has the game running on 4K monitors using the Titan cards. It's playable, but they don't say how fast the game runs. Still, quite an accomplishment for the team as well as for NVIDIA.

Titanfall will be out on PC's, Xbox Ones, and Xbox 360s on March 11th.