Telltale announces The Walking Dead Season 2 XBLA release date, December 18th

by: Sam -
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Telltale has finally announced the Xbox Live Arcade release date of the highly anticipated game, The Walking Dead: Season 2. This announcement comes shortly after the reveal of the game's Steam release date of December 17th. If pricing remains consistent across all versions you can expect to pay $25 for all episodes of Season 2. The episode that arrives on the 17th and 18th is named All That Remains, and you can expect the rest of the episodes to be slowly released over the course of next year. 

Very little is known about the story of the game so far, other than it follows Clementine sometime after the events of the first game. This is just one of four episodic adventure games Telltale is currently working on, alongside The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones.