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Meet the Fencer: EDF 2025's dual-wielding armored samurai

by: Nathaniel -
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You know what I really hate?  It's when I'm facing down my 30th waved of giant robots and insects and I only have ONE minigun and NO shield.  What am I, some kind of savage?

EDF 2025 seeks to ensure that never happens to me or anyone else ever again with the introduction of the Fencer.  The Fencer is kitted out in head-to-toe battle armor and can dual-wield miniguns (or anything else for that matter).  Or if you're saying to yourself, "I don't like dual-wielding" (as if anyone has ever said that) then you can use your off-hand to hold an epic sci-fi kite shield.

See for yourself in the trailer.  For more details, check out EDF 2025 on Facebook and D3Publishing on the web.

EDF 2025 is set for release in February of next year.

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