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Content creator, capture the flag and new single player coming to Grand Theft Auto V soon

by: Nathan -
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Rockstar dropped some news on their Newswire blog today regarding new content for both Grand Theft Auto V single player and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Tomorrow, Grand Theft Auto Online will get a beta version of the content creator. Players will be able to create their own content for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Race, GTA Race and Rally Races. You can publish your content via the Rockstar Social Club where other players can discover, download, play, rate and share. Rockstar will also take the best content and publish them as official Rockstar verified jobs. The content creator will be free but you need to be a Social Club member in order to use it. 

Rockstar also expects to release their version of Capture The Flag sometime this month as well. Up to four squads can battle to capture contraband, trucks, buses and other items from the opponents base. There will be four new modes available including raid, contend, hold and GTA. More details will be revealed soon.

Finally, Rockstar states that we can expect heists in 2014 as they are currently hard at work making sure they are as polished and fun as can be. We can also expect new adventures with Michael, Franklin and Trevor in 2014 as new single player content is currently in the works.