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IGN reporting that some Sony PSN accounts experienced “irregular activity” and were possibly hacked...again

by: Dan -
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The folks at IGN have run a couple of news items the last day or so regarding Sony PlayStation Network accounts that have had irregular activity and received request from Sony to have the passwords reset. For anyone that went through the great Sony PSN hack-a-thon back in 2011 when over 100 million accounts were exposed, there may be a sense of Deja-vu occurring and I am sure this isn’t the type of news one would want to read. That hack job led to a five-day shutdown of PSN, Qriocity and other SOE services while Sony tried to assess the damage and lock down the service to prevent it from happening again.

Unfortunately, almost nothing is hack-proof and it appears that PSN accounts have once again been exposed. The bad part is that IGN reported today that there appears to be a link between those accounts that Sony asked to have passwords reset and fraudulent activity involving FIFA . While this may not be on par with the 100 million, those of us that were hacked on the Xbox 360 back in 2011 and had our Microsoft Points drained by FIFA 11 DLC mongers may cringe a bit. While this story with Sony keeps developing, take this simple Public Service Message to heart, do not link a credit card or debit card to any of your consoles or game accounts. Always use pre-paid cards if possible to ensure that thieves cannot get away with anything more than the balance you have in your online account.