New World of Warplanes tutorial video: Ammo belts and consumables

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What's a warplane without bullets, rockets, and bombs?  Why, it's nothing but a flying bathtub filled with unfulfilled dreams.

There are no such worries in World of Warplanes.  Their new tutorial video is all about the different ammo belts.  These belts features everything from standard bullets, AP bullets, and incendiary bullets, to bullets that explode AND set things on fire.  You'll also have an assortment of bombs and rockets to play with.

The video also highlights so-called "consumables."  Consumables are single use items with one of several different functions from putting out fires to healing a warplane's crew.

Check out the video for full details.

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New World of Warplanes Tutorial Video Takes Aim

Fourth guide brings insight to the game’s ammo system

December 3, 2013 — Wargaming, the leading free-to-play developer and publisher, today released the fourth tutorial video for World of Warplanes, taking an extensive look at consumables and ammunition used to outfit each warbird for in-game domination.

Whether selecting an ammunition belt for your aircraft, using rockets or bombs to destroy enemy targets, or loading consumables before flight, beginner World of Warplanes pilots will gain insight into custom aircraft components for every type of combat.

The tutorial video dives into the essentials of damage rates and chance of fire, ensuring that no matter what type of ammunition you choose, you’ll have the necessary tools to cause maximum damage over your opponents in the sky.


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World of Warplanes is a flight combat MMO action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation. Throwing players into a never-ending tussle for air dominance, World of Warplanes allows you to build a full-scale career as a virtual pilot across several key eras of warfare, from taking to the skies in biplanes of the 1930s to destroying the competition in jet fighters from the Korean War. State-of-the-art graphics takes players into the fray like never before through massive 30 player dogfights where air supremacy or defeat depends on any taken move.

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