No new Battlefield 4 DLC until the game is fixed

by: John -
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Battlefield 4: China Rising is the first DLC to come out for Battlefield 4, but it might be a while before another one drops. That's because DICE is halting development on new DLC until they can fix the issues plaguing the game.

The issues don't seem to just affect one platform as everyone's experiencing problems. Myself, I've been having a ton of issues on the PC side of the game. 

Spending the last few weeks on Battlefield 4, I've had frequent crashes for no reason. It's random too as sometimes I can go for multiple rounds without an issue. Other times, each round will crash my system without any warning causing me to lose all my progress. It's been a slow go for me to level up as I seem to have spent more time restarting from my desktop rather than playing the game.

I'm hoping DICE does come through with fixing these issues. At the core, it's a very fun game when it works. Yes, it can be frustrating, but I've had many times where, even if I died a lot, I still had fun. There are bound to be some complicated bugs to try and squash because of the magnitude of Battlefield 4's code so I am happy to see DICE focusing on this rather than trying to come out with more DLC.