CES 2014: WWE sending out invite for “Exclusive Event”

by: Dan -
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It looks like the WWE is planning on making a big splash in Las Vegas during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, as press invites started going out yesterday for an Exclusive Event to be held at the Wynn on January 8th. The WWE has had a minor CES presence over the years (The Rock helping Bill Gates unveil the Original Xbox in 2001, WWE App showcased in 2013) and WCW (prior to being purchased by WWE) used to have the WCW Nitro Grill in the Excalibur before it closed in Oct 2000 after a short 16-month run. With the launch of two new consoles form Microsoft and Sony and WWE game IPs now owned by Take Two’s 2K Sports, there is a chance that the event could be gaming related.

However, while the invite doesn’t have any details to it other than the date, location and the fact that Vince McMahon himself will be in attendance, this event appears to be bigger than a gaming announcement. A quick search of some wrestling sites have fueled a few rumors (including a WWE Hall of Fame and Casino), with the most traction by far behind a formal announcement of the long-awaited WWE Network. Regardless of what the event turns out to be, we plan to have boots on the ground with at least Sean Cahill in attendance, and several very unhappy writers back at HQ that are wishing that they would have went to CES this year.