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Zenimax releases Elder Scrolls Online character progression video

by: Dan -
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The folks over at ZeniMax Online Studios have put up a tasty little morsel that is near and dear to every Elder Scrolls player…a video of how the character progression will work for The Elder Scrolls Online. While most of us love playing the Elder Scrolls games for various reasons, there is always that undercurrent about trying to build the perfect beast, which in this case is creating the most bad-ass character you can by leveling up and apply skills to just the right area. The almost five-minute video gives quite a bit of insight into how the characters will be leveled and skills that can be applied while slugging your way through Tamriel. I found it interesting that there appears to be a definite blend between Skyrim and Oblivion (lock-picking) traits that are shown within the video. While we will have to wait until 2014 to play, the video makes the game look gorgeous and eases concerns that the character progression system will not follow past Elder Scrolls games.

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