Battlefield 4 PC update tomorrow, fixes the dreaded 1 hit kill bug

by: John -
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Starting at 1AM PST on December 3rd, an update will be pushed to PC owners of Battlefield 4. With that comes a few fixes, one that should hopefully improve the experience a lot more.

Having played a good deal over the weekend, I found myself being killed a LOT by what seems to be a single bullet. Then again, I've done it to a few folks when it wasn't a headshot as well. So, what bug could this be? It seems sometimes, a single bullet's damage is applied multiple times. Yeah, that can do some quick killing. Hopefully, the patch tomorrow will squash this bug that can cause some frustrating experiences.

Also, a tweak will show the true network values and there will also be a test to let your network connection as well. The update will give out recommendations on improving your network performance so this should be fun to see what they suggest you do if your network isn't up to par.

While I do like they fixed a single player menu crash, I want them to fix a multiplayer crash I have been experiencing a lot where it would kick me out of the game at random times during a match. I'm not the only one in my circle of friends who experience this and it can get pretty frustrating to lose all the progress from a match because the game crashes on you.