Season 2 of The Walking Dead begins later this month

by: Nathan -
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This was an amazing surprise to wake up to. I didn't think we would be getting more Walking Dead this soon. I was expecting it around Summer time like when the first game launched, but we will all be back in the zombie apocalypse sooner than we thought. 

Telltale games posted on their Twitter a picture of Clementine and Omid standing in front of a Pitstop stating a familiar face returns in the first episode titled "All That Remains". 

"A familiar face returns in #TheWalkingDead Season Two premiere episode, "All That Remains," releasing this month."

Even though Omid and Clementine are familiar faces, I still think there will be more surprises in store for us. 

No word on a release date, prices, or release consoles just yet. I would assume it would follow the same pricing structure of the first game with it being $5 per episode or $20 for a seasons pass.  

Personally I would love to see Molly return. I thought she was a great character with a great story and its a shame she wasn't around for very long last reason. I would also love to learn what happened to Lily. I may be in the minority but I actually felt sorry for her by the time episode 3 ended. I would at least like to know that she is safe.