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My top 10 games of the last generation. #4 - Grand Theft Auto V

by: Nathan -
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I still remember the first time I played GTA III over at a friends house, it completely blew my mind. This was the first game I played where I felt like the future of videogames was finally here and the future would be amazing. The freedom you had in the game was unlike anything I played at the time. I still remember those late nights when my friends and I would gather around the couch handing the controller off to each other, trying to cause as much havoc as we could before we were killed.

Years have passed and Rockstar gave us GTA V this year. Once again my mind was blown.

For starters, I love how different game this game felt from previous GTA’s. I loved how this game features three protagonists instead of one. I love how each character feels and plays differently. When I play as Trevor, I have no problem going on serial killing sprees because I feel like that is what he would do. When I play as Franklin, I just feel like it’s out of character to do so.

What blew my mind in GTA V more than anything else is the gigantic world of San Andreas that Rockstar created. See those mountains in the background? You can actually go to those mountains and hike up them if you want. See that gigantic ocean? Get some scuba gear and go deep sea diving. I have spent hours just driving around San Adreas finding various ways to keep myself occupied. From golfing, hunting, parachuting, and various other activities like assassinations, getting strangers their stolen money back and helping out at my businesses, I have got myself lost in the world of San Andreas.

Just when I thought my time with the game had come to an end, Rockstar gives us GTA Online which feels as close to a GTA MMO. I loved creating my own character and watch them rank up online to become the biggest crime lord in the city. GTA Online already provides tons of fun content and I cannot wait to see what Rockstar gives us in the future.

Rockstar really outdid themselves with GTA V. I really feel like I should have paid way more than $60 for this game. I just checked and between single player and GTA Online, I already have 127 hours clock in game. Years from now I can see that number getting higher and higher. With all that Rockstar gave us in GTA V, I can’t even begin to imagine what GTA VI is going to be like.