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Punch your Xbox One problems away

by: Sam -
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Ever gotten so frustrated with a malfunctioning piece of hardware that you starting hitting it? Apparently somebody did with they broken Xbox One and discovered this weird fix. A small number of Xbox Ones shipped with broken disc drives that won't read discs, accompanied by a horrendous grinding sound. Apparently this is caused by a misaligned gear, so some Xbox owners put on their DIY hats and got to work. They soon discovered that punching the bottom of the Xbox (hard!) would sometimes realign the gear and get the system working again. See the video below. 

It should be said that Microsoft already offered to replace all the broken Xbox Ones, and will even be giving a free downloadable game to anyone affected. If you have one of these broken consoles you are better off contacting Microsoft and getting your replacement rather than beating your Xbox One till it fixes itself. 

Source: kotaku.com