CES 2014 Preview: Feenix PC Accessories

by: Sean Cahill -
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Yes, it's that time of the year again.  Gaming Nexus will have a presence out in Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show coming this January.  Building up to the show, we are going to preview some of our upcoming coverage and what we should expect to see at the world's largest technology show.  Today, we cover the PC gear from Feenix, a relatively new PC accessory company that is offering various gear for PC users, both casual and gamer.  On the list are three products:

- Nascita Gaming Mouse

- Autore Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

- Aria Gaming Headset

The Nascita is already available, while the rest of the products are going to have to wait, especially the Aria, which should be getting it's full reveal at CES in January.  The Nascita boasts an 8200 dpi laster, 1ms response time, and 12000fps, all very impressive statistics for a gaming mouse.  The Autore doesn't have as much information available, but it's looking to be a high-quality and durable mechanical keyboard that will give gamers plenty of features in the form of macros, but we'll cover that when we get our hands on it.  The Aria is the biggest mystery as there is absolutely no information available on it just yet.  All we can say is what comes from Feenix's official website:  An extraordinary acoustic experience.

If that doesn't make you want to check it out, nothing will.