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Xbox One also does the 1 million gamer dance

by: John -
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Microsoft has announced they have sold 1 million console in over 24 hours. That's another solid launch for another next generation console. Launching in 13 markets, the Xbox One is the company's biggest console launch, topping the Xbox and Xbox 360.

A great feat, but I wonder who decided to put in the words, "Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers." because clearly that's not remotely accurate. Just go to Target.com and pick a few cities and you can see a bunch of stores still have them in stock, so they aren't even remotely close to sold out at most retailers. And that's just one of the many thousands of stores in the US. Great that they sold a million in 24 hours, not true that it's sold out in most retailers.

I had my second encounter with the Xbox One last night over at Chuck's house and I think it's a system that has a lot of potential. It's trying to do a lot and Microsoft, I think, wanted as many features in there as possible but a lot of those features needs a great deal of refinement to be useful.

Kinect voice control seems to be a real hit or miss as I could hear Chuck repeat commands over and over again a few times before the Xbox One got it right. Even simple things as Xbox Go Home was missed a great deal when I was trying it out. I couldn't help but think a lot of times, the actions could be achieved faster just by using the control to select the item because the Kinect voice recognition would misinterpret what we were saying or just didn't even respond. But, software updates can fix this and we all know consoles get a great deal of fixing in the first few months of being launched.

All told, 1 million is a solid number and we'll see how it shakes it for the rest of the year and if they can keep this momentum.