Pokémon X and Y become the fastest 3DS title to sell 1 million copies

by: Cary -
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Nintendo has revealed in a neat infographic that Pokémon X and Y have become the fastest titles on 3DS to sell 1 million units, doing so in only 1 day. By comparison, Mario Kart 7 took 4 weeks, Super Mario 3D Land took 6 weeks, and New Super Mario Bros. 2 took 16 weeks. The graphic also reports that 1 in 5 3DS owners own Pokémon X or Y and that sales of 3DS units themselves jumped 135% since the launch of the two sister games.

As someone who personally saw the NYC Nintendo World turnout for the premier of Pokémon X and Y, I can tell you that I'm not terribly surprised. Still, those are some impressive numbers.

Check out the infographic here or below.