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New lighting, new areas, and good old zombies populate Dying Light video

by: Randy -
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Upcoming zombie survival game, Dying Light, has a swift-moving video depicting its excellent lighting engine, as well as new areas that developer Techland is working on. Seriously, this lighting is not playing around. Lights are bright, shadows are dark, and the line between them is crisp. Some people dislike the camera-lens effect creeping into next-/this-gen titles; some dislike movie-viewing conventions like lens flare and spotty lenses. I personally love it, but I'm in favor of video games taking on more filmic qualities like these, when it looks as good as this.

Also, backtrack to the 12-minute gameplay video IGN did. This game is developed by the folks behind Dead Island, so they're becoming quite accomplished in the whole open-world-zombie-apocalypse thing.

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