The collector's edition statue of Titanfall in detail

by: John -
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Collector editions of games can offer some really cool items and the one for Titanfall is no exception. The standout item of the set is the almost 20" tall statue of a Titan with some grunts around the feet and an enemy unit on top.

It's powered by 3 AAA batteries that allow the Titan to emit a blue or red color. Blue, of course, is if you're a friendly and red is for those folks you need to gun down. The LED colors are how, in the game, you distinguish your friends from your foes through your VR view.

The statue is pretty massive and it's a limited run with each statue individually numbered. You'll also get a hardcover book with 190 pages of Titanfall goodness and a schematics poster of a Titan along with said statue. $250 is what you're going to pay for it if you decide you want one and it looks like a PC edition will be out as well, which is pretty cool. You rarely see collector's editions for PC games, but kudos to Respawn for putting one out there.