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Weekly EA shortcuts for sale: Need for Speed Carbon

by: Dan -
More On: Xbox Live

Why work for it when you can buy it? It isn't lazy enough we lay around on a couch playing our Xbox 360.  Now, we don't even have to play the $60 game to unlock the cool stuff when we can just pump in another $17.50 to make pimp our Need for Speed Carbon ride right out of the box.  The content available for purchase is:

  • Autosculpt Roof, Spoiler and Exhaust Kit, 300 pts
  • Autosculpt Wheels Kit, 300 Points
  • Paints Style Bundle, 100 Points
  • Flame Vinyls, 200 Points
  • Tribal Vinyls, 100 Points
  • Flags and 2-Tone Vinyls, 200 Points
  • Stripe Vinyls, 200 Points